Where Rowdy's Confidence and Comfort Comes From.

Where Does Rowdy’s Confidence and Comfort Come From?

Everybody has the right to be confident and comfortable in their own skin…

The defining characteristics of everything White Eyed Rowdy represents.

However, these characteristics aren’t simply a catch phrase cultivated through attention gained in the media, they derive from something real.

To you passionate fans reading this right now, Rowdy has reached you in a unique way.

He’s just as much your dog as he is ours.

However, “White Eyed Rowdy” still may seem like a story or comic book since much of what you hear from him comes through occasional posts or stories, rather than experiencing it in real life or through a chronological movie/book that would really encapsulate his story/meaning.

With the understanding that you connect with him in an emotional way, we try and do our best to tell stories in ways that generate the same emotion that we felt, as emotion is the closest you can get to actually experiencing Rowdy.

Confidence and comfort.

This expression is genuine, and it stems from a couple of real stories.

First being his development of vitiligo.

His opportunity to share his appearance with the world and simultaneously teach other kids with vitiligo how special it is to be unique.

He believed that everybody has the right to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin, and he represented this through spreading vitiligo awareness.

His belief system was authentic, real and genuine.

The second story that his principles come from is his personality.

Since he was a puppy, he really did represent confidence in his own eccentric way.

To represent his deranged confidence, I remember a specific log he would obsess over when we were camping.

Every year we would drive up into the Cascade Mountains and stay a week without service.

And of course we would bring our dog.

There was a hidden spot where we’d swim, and Rowdy was especially fond of it for his own special reasons.

Mostly because the log would extend through the water and stick perfectly into the air, begging any dog to swim out and sink their teeth into it.

The side of this swimming hole was constructed of a gigantic pile of rocks cascading down into the water.

Sitting underneath the golden log was a couple of these rocks that gave Rowdy perfect groundwork to start his mission with.

We’d usually stay for roughly two hours, and I promise Rowdy wouldn’t take a single break.

He spent one hundred and twenty minutes fixated on this log, digging his teeth into the bark, submerging his head into the water and shaking as if he was a wolf, tearing meat from his prey in an attempt to pull the log out of the earth.

The manic confidence would shine through his dripping blood, as not one instance of adversity would stop him.

Not us trying to pry him off.

Not his gums getting cut into shreds and blood dripping from his mouth.

Not even his paws turning raw from using the rocks beneath him as leverage.

The funniest part is, he would pick up right where he left off the next year but never even made a dent.

Yet he was enamored with that log because he was confident it would eventually let loose.

We’d bring him back to the camp site, a bloody mess, listen to him whine all night in pain, then bring him back the next day to watch him do it again.

We were forced to leave him back at the camp site since there was nothing we could do to stop him from charging himself at that log the second he smelt it.

The point of these stories is to show that Rowdy’s belief of confidence and comfort isn’t simply some marketing ploy to give “White Eyed Rowdy” a catchphrase.

It’s a belief system that originated from the actual personality of our dog Rowdy and fit so perfectly into everything he did for the world.

Rowdy’s audience consists of you guys who are real, passionate and emotionally connected fans.

Not everybody reads these blog posts, but those of you who do feel something when you see his face pop up on your screen.

He gives you a unique feeling that you don’t find everywhere on social media these days, as our capitalistic society values attention for money.

Rowdy values your attention to give you something real.

He’s had quite a few new followers in the time since he passed, so if you’re just learning about his story, thank you for listening to what he has to say.

For you fans that have been following for a while now, we’ve heard a lot of requests for stories about his near death experiences.

So whether you’re a new fan or an older fan, we want to share one of those stories with you, but only for those of you who have been following him through the blog.

So White Eyed Rowdy is deciding to start an occasional newsletter that will deliver special Rowdy goodies to those of you who sincerely connect with Rowdy.

We will be posting a blog post next Friday, but his first near death experience story will be sent only through this newsletter, for the specific reason that we only want this select community of Rowdy fans reading it.

It’s a pretty good story too ;-)

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Thanks again for reading this Friday!

- White Eyed Rowdy