Movie-Like Beginning, Thank You, And Need For Conversation

A Movie-Like Beginning, A Thank You, And The Need For Conversation

Movie-Like Beginning

I remember a couple years ago when Rowdy started to spark some attention through social media.

At the time, I thought it was really cool, but the significance of everything wasn’t clear to me.

It started on Instagram.

People from around the world talk about how cool his spots were, and he eventually harvested the curiosity of enough people to get him checked out by the vet.

We started taking him on adventures around Portland and people were so intrigued that his perfectly symmetrical spots evolved him into a local celebrity.

Some friends mentioned that it may be Vitiligo, however, we weren’t sure so we decided to get him a professional diagnosis.

Once the vet officially identified his spots as Vitiligo, we started spreading the word about what caused the unique look, and eventually messages started appearing from people who also had Vitiligo.

We always knew the “condition” as the same disease that Michael Jackson had, but we didn’t understand it and how many people it really effects emotionally and psychologically.

Since it developed in Rowdy, we thought we should do some more research and start spreading the word through our beautiful dog.

At first, Rowdy was a local celebrity because of his cool, unique appearance.

But we soon learned that Rowdy was much more.

The attention he garnered pushed him into the spotlight with an opportunity to really help people who felt a connection to him.

With the help of a lot of people, he was a piece in ushering a new understanding of Vitiligo being perceived as cool, unique and picturesque, rather than a disease to cure.

There were a lot of helping hands in spreading the unique beauty of Vitiligo, and Rowdy held multiple events that brought these wonderful people into one setting of happiness and contentment.

However, how the next phase of Rowdy’s accomplishments started were movie-like, so we must share them.

Carter, who’s a young boy with Vitiligo, struggled with his appearance growing up but would light up every time he saw Rowdy on Instagram.

Carter used to tell his mom that he hated his face, but his attitude toward his appearance started to change when his relationship with Rowdy grew.

The more Rowdy shared his unique beauty, the more Carter grew confidence and started sharing his “condition” with pride.

Rowdy and Carter kept a relationship through social media for a while but word of this story started to spread.

Soon enough there were viral videos zooming through social media and major news stations were doing reports on live television.

Our family was approached left and right by interviewers wanting to report on the story, and what happened next is just another example of how none of this could’ve been by chance.

Check out more about this story here:

A Thank You

Carter lived across the country from Rowdy, so turning a digital relationship into a physical one was difficult to do.

Luckily, we had the help of a couple generous people with setting up a Go-Fund-Me account to try and bring Carter to Rowdy.

It started off slow, but one of the news stations that did a story on Rowdy and Carter received a call from an older lady from Oregon.

She was so touched by the story that she offered to pay for the entire trip and the best part is that she wished to stay anonymous.

Carter had the amazing opportunity to fly across the country and meet the dog that changed a lot for him.

This event opened up many doors to grow relationships with other kids with Vitiligo such as Ava.

Here’s another article showing Ava and Rowdy:

You guys, Rowdy’s amazing fans, helped fund several other events bringing kids with Vitiligo into one room and helping show each other their beauty by having fun and spreading smiles.

Rowdy was just a small piece of a gigantic paranormal puzzle made of people like Carter, Ava, anonymous donors, Sit! Stay! Photography, our Go-Fund-Me manager and our superfans that continue to follow Rowdy because of the unique connection they share.

There have been too many generous hands that created change in the world through Rowdy and it’s impossible to name them all, so if we didn’t mention you, we thank you.

Rowdy promises to pay the generosity forward.

The Need For Conversation

A lot of why Rowdy has spread so much is because of word of mouth.

An idea trickles around the world through casual conversations by you, the Rowdy fan who’s reading this right now.

Whether it’s a technological innovation such as the iPhone, a medical innovation like the MRI, a revolutionary innovation like our declaration of independence, or awareness of social issues, the diffusion of ideas starts through the mouths of you.

Rowdy has been the reason for conversation that helped increase awareness of Vitiligo, and he’s continuing his mission to try and increase confidence and comfort.

Today, we have a fear of talking about the issues that matter.

With the largest shooting in U.S. history recently occurring in Las Vegas, it’s easy to feel empathy for the families hurt, but how crazy is it that we can’t live in comfort knowing that an event of that magnitude can happen in the blink of an eye.

Yet we read it on the news, feel a sense of fear and sorrow, and then go about our day.

We may mention it to co-workers or friends, but it’s a quick mention that leads to an awkward ambiance quickly followed by small talk.

So how does change really occur?

We’re stuck in an in between phase of understanding what’s wrong with our society but lack an understanding of how to fix it.

We live in a system of different backgrounds, worldviews, and appearances.

People who hunt for sport and people who despise guns.

People who love the environment and people who think economy is most important.

With so many different approaches to our world and the problems that come with it how does a community find balance?

We think it’s through the same conversation that caused Rowdy’s story to spread as much as it has.

Ever since the People’s Republic of China instituted heavy gun control laws, you can notice a major difference in the rates of murder compared to the United States.

America is rated NUMBER ONE IN THE WORLD in violent gun crime and China is ranked ninety-seventh.

Purchasing a gun in China is far more difficult and requires multiple background checks, and punishment regarding gun law is far more severe.

There’s a specific reason for the difference in these numbers.

America is founded on independence and fear of “Big Brother,” or heavy governmental influence, so many people have understandably inherited pride for their right to bear arms.

No matter what background you come from, are fully automatic weapons necessary in the society we live in?

Whether they’re necessary or not, White Eyed Rowdy thinks it’s important to think about events such as the Las Vegas shooting, what may have caused the events, then talk about it.

Sure, maybe heavier gun regulation won’t completely solve the problem and people will still find out how to get an automatic gun one way or another, but do you think it would cut the numbers down?

Conversation leads to formulation of opinions and perhaps understanding.

Understanding leads to change in behavior and maybe people can feel more confident and comfortable in going about their day.

Have confidence in your opinion, open-mindedly share it, and help build a world that you can comfortably wake up and live in without fear or hatred.


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