White Eyed Rowdy Makes The Local News

This is so exciting!  Today marks the first day of my daily diary/blog! I hope you will follow along as I write and share videos about my daily life.

One thing I'll report on often is my success (or lack there-of) of my sleep at night.  Last night I slept WELL which is not a normal thing for me! I tend to wake up, in a panic sometimes – like someone is trying to “get me” – and my human gently pets me and assures me all is ok and I do my best to go back to sleep. Unfortunately, some nights it just doesn't happen though. We are trying a slew of new meds and hopefully will come up with the perfect concoction that will aide my rest. 

But - the good news is - we are working on making dreams come true!!! Tomorrow I will be on KATU Channel 2 news with reporter Kellee Azar to bring awareness to the fact that there is a little boy, Carter age 8 from Arkansas and a little girl Ava age 10 from London Ontario Canada whose dream in life is to meet me in person. You see, they both have vitiligo too and I have somehow influenced each of these beautiful children's lives and we are all dreaming of meeting each other in person. Kellee reached out and suggested we do a news story and create a Go Fund Me to financially support the campaign and also spread the word we'd love to get on The Ellen Show!!!

Here are the links to the story airing tomorrow night March 16th at 6:00 pm PST on KATU and the Go Fund Me campaign!  Even if you can't donate please consider sharing with a few friends who might!  Dog lovers perhaps?  Others with Vitiligo? :)  xoxo

www.katu.com/live  March 16th @ 6:00 pm