White Eyed Rowdy's Stance on Vitiligo

White Eyed Rowdy’s Stance on Vitiligo

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 In the vitiligo community we see a lot of different advocates for forward progress.

However, we think it’s important to understand what forward progress means, especially when it comes to vitiligo.

When we go through social media, we see different companies and organizations that represent vilitigo, but they either sell products that claim to “cure” vitiligo, or support the same thinking.

We believe that it shouldn’t be a primary focus to “cure” the skin pigmentation, but we should focus on changing the thinking on the skin pigmentation.

Why invest time and money to change what’s already beautiful about somebody?

That time and money could be used to help people understand that everybody is beautiful in their own skin.

There’s money being put to finding a “cure,” but what are you really curing?

Vitiligo is labeled as a “disease” and maybe it technically is, but if the only symptom is the loss of skin color, then why strive to change something that makes that person extremely unique?

If more people adopted the thinking that the end goal isn’t to cure the pigmentation, but to be proud of it, then we believe that we will solve the issues that come with vitiligo quicker.

Bullying is a major issue for kids with vitiligo but a lot of it comes from ignorance.

A simple question of “why is your skin like that?” happens on a daily basis.

These kinds of questions usually create long lasting self esteem issues, as the child feels out of place and insecure of their skin.

But that doesn’t have to be the case.

If the child with vitiligo, who’s proud of his/her unique blessing, responded with pride then that changes the thinking one conversation at a time.

It starts with how we perceive the “disease.”

If the family and the child perceive the skin as cool and unique, then they walk through the halls of school with their chest high.

They respond to questions about their skin quick, easy and assertively with no self-doubt.

They feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Other children may even envy the confidence.

It’s amazing how powerful the effects of thinking about a problem are.

That’s why White Eyed Rowdy’s stance on vitiligo is that effort shouldn’t be put into finding a cure…

…It should be put into changing the thinking and perception of vitiligo one conversation at a time.

Remember to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin ;-)

- White Eyed Rowdy

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